What Can We Do?

We do not need to stop using and enjoying the oceans. However, we must manage our use to ensure sustainability of the oceans, for the present and for future generations. If you want your kids and your kid’s kids to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the oceans, we all need to act, now.

I study and train in the gentle way of Judo – ju (gentle) and do (way or path) or the gentle way. Judo relies on a few key principles: maximum efficiency with minimum effort, mutual welfare and benefit, and softness controls hardness. In the judo match context this means resisting a more powerful opponent will usually result in your defeat. Adjusting to and evading your opponent’s attack will cause them to lose balance, their power will be reduced, and you will defeat them.

Unsustainable Fishing

We must stop unsustainable fishing methods that don’t allow fish stocks to recover, allow fish to mature to reproductive age, create marine protected areas and make responsible, informed choices when purchasing sea food

Marine Habitat Destruction

Abolish destructive fishing methods such as bottom trawling. Tackle those problems which encourage devastating practices like dynamite fishing and most importantly stop polluting the air, trashing the earth and contaminating our oceans

The Urgency

In light of the overwhelming amount of damage that has been done it is easy to give up hope. Please don’t, it’s not too late! But make no mistake, the time is now, the matter is urgent, it is time to take action. Inform yourself and those around you, together we can do it now!

Why You Should Buy This Book?

To teach the young and educate the old about why our oceans are in trouble, who is trying to save them and what we can do to help. Our purpose is to assemble a multitude of ocean advocates prepared to bring our oceans back from the brink of destruction.

What People Say

Jeroen’s Manifesto is written in such way that it perfectly appeals to his target group: an enumeration of interesting ‘Did you know’ facts, which set out the problems in a clear, uncomplicated overview followed by well-chosen and inspiring example ’climate warrior’ cases. A perfect gift for my teenage boys!

Anne de Weert

I have been blown away by what I have read. I had no idea of the enormity of the problem, or the details. I learned so much from Jeroen’s writing and have been truly inspired. I think all children should read his book, and it should be compulsory reading at some stage during a child’s education

Tony Goldsmith

Orca Scuba has built significant and lasting relationships with the students at our school. Orca scuba has taught them to dive and engage with the marine environment, but also to establish an educated and respectful relationship with our oceans so that they may be Ocean Ambassadors.

Victoria Juett

I have met a lot of people with good ideas that are driven by something other than personal gain – they are driven by a desire to do something good during their short stay on this planet. And then there are the very few who take the huge step to turn those ideas into actions. Jeroen is one of them.

Toby Sparrow

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